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    Success with successfull Products!
    Our interest is market penetration for the future
    with the idea of making ​​ quality affordable for everyone.

Ruppel & Co GmbH: Interface between Providers with Claim

About Us

Current Business Areas

  • Sales throughout Europe

    of Spacer for the transport of Autoglasses

  • Partner

    in Introduction of new Products in the German-speaking Countries.

  • Import and Export

    of Machines, Spare parts and Accessories

  • International Trade

    with accessories for the sewing industry.

  • European Trade

    with chemical Products.

  • Assumption

    of global trade mission

Our Strategy

Success with successfull Products.

Long-term Planning

We are not interested in short-term liquidity absorbing, we are intersted in future-oriented market penetration.

creative thinking

We convince through high-quality products, with a high degree of innovation and solid processing.

creative thinking

We guarantee reliable logistics, safety during complaints and a convincing business ethics.

Safety technology from Ruppel & Co: Here you will find our image brochure as a PDF download (german)


Spacer for the transport of Autoglasses.